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How to practice tantric yoga to achieve physical and mental balance: a guide for beginners

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Tantric yoga is a holistic practice in which one tends to bring together all aspects of their being – body, mind, and soul – and foster the inner balance between them. It is through this practice that we can gain insight into our inner depths and reclaim our inner autonomy. There are many poses and techniques practiced in tantric yoga that can help individuals achieve physical strength, emotional stability, and mental clarity. This guide will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of tantric yoga and help beginners develop their own personalized practice.

Tantric yoga is an ancient practice that has been used to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind since the Eastern traditions of India and Tibet. Its underlying goal is to harmonize the physical and spiritual aspects of the self by connecting the body, mind, and soul. Through various poses and meditation techniques, practitioners are able to access the subtle realms within themselves and go beyond the boundaries of their own physical body.

Practicing tantric yoga is a great way to achieve physical and mental balance. There are numerous poses and meditations designed to help balance the energies within you. The key to using these poses and meditations is to find ways that resonate with you. Here are a few tips to get you started:


The key to balancing your physical and mental energies is start with your breath. Inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply can help to put you in a calm and meditative state of mind. This can help you to focus and become more aware of your body and its subtle energies. Additionally, breathwork can help to strengthen and increase the circulation of energy throughout your body.


Once you have mastered breathing deeply, it is important to learn different postures that can help you to enhance your practice. Pranayama is an important part of yoga, and asanas can help to stimulate and open up energy channels throughout your body. A great posture to start with is the Child’s Pose, which is a great pose for opening up the energy in the chest and lower back.


Once you have mastered the fundamentals of the postures and breathwork, it is important to learn different sequences that can help you to move through each posture in a flowing manner. This is important for gaining a deeper understanding of the poses and for feeling the energies flow through your body. Starting with a basic sequence like Sun Salutations A and B can help you focus and build up your strength and confidence.

Integrative Practices

Tantric yoga is a holistic practice, which is why it is important to practice integrative practices that help you to bring together your mental, physical, and emotional energies. For example, trying to visualize yourself as a tree with roots that go deep into the earth can help ground your body and bring your awareness into the present moment. Additionally, incorporating mantras and visualizations into your practice can help to create new energetic pathways and enhance your practice even further.

Tips for Beginners

1. Wear comfortable and breathable clothing: Bring something light and comfortable so that you can move freely.

2. Determine the time and duration of the practice: It is important to set a regular time so that your practice becomes a habit.

3. Start with basic balances: Start with the simplest version of the balance and hold only while you feel comfortable. It is better to keep the posture for a shorter time and repeat several times, making sure to take deep breaths in between.

4. Improve your balance: Practicing yoga can help to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and resistance. It can help to improve your posture and relieve back pain, balance your nervous system, increase concentration, and promote inner peace, as well as regulate your blood pressure and fight insomnia.

5. Try Yin yoga: Yin yoga is a great way to improve flexibility and consists of holding the postures for up to 20 minutes with the help of props.


Tantric yoga is a great way to achieve physical and mental balance and foster a harmonious connection between the body, mind, and soul. Breathwork, postures, and sequences are all key components to a successful practice. By incorporating integrative practices, visualization, and meditation techniques, practitioners can deepen their practice and experience the bliss associated with yoga. For beginners, it is important to start with the basics and gradually build up your practice and develop your own personalized routine.

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